Since we began this station for you, the metal fans, we want you to be a part! Send us shout-outs! Anyone can play along…record a snippet of yourself (or someone else) giving us a shout-out. (“This is ____ and you are listening to Death Family Radio – Welcome to The Family!” type thing). Put your own spin on it….the crazier the better (don’t worry DFR is not edited)…and if we like it we may just use it for a DFR commercial! If you are in a band or own a business etc…don’t forget a shout-out for yourself as well…”This is ____ from ____ (your band, co etc) and you are listening to etc….and again the crazier…the better! Send the finished product to No way to record??? No worries call us and leave us a message with your shout-out here —> (407) 413-9098 \m/ Horns High! \m/ Thank you family! 😉
*Disclaimer — any materials submitted to Death Family Radio become property of DFR and may be used on air or online.

2 thoughts on “Send us a shoutout!

  1. It’s nice to hear metal radio without all the other bullshit​. I don’t know if that was intentional or not either way it’s brilliant. Keep bringing the heavy and the brownies.

    ThorQuest-Tampa FL the home of Death Metal

    1. Thanks Thor! It is definitely on purpose! Metal and brownies 24/7…bullshit never. \m/ Horns High! \m/

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